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In this project, my main job is post-production, which includes the design panel, speech balloons, sound effects and inner dialogues.  Indeed, these things are the problem, because I have never learned about the design of comics.  It’s new to me, I can only by virtue of the previously seen Japanese comics to my work have a general understanding.

In addition, the subject matter is layout design.  In my impression, the cartoon layout design is an important part of the layout of those pictures and the speech balloons design looks very casual and comfortable.  I made a few scenes and conversations with impressions, and I realised that it was not that simple.  I thought that a scene could be completed for up to an hour, but I was wrong.  In this process, there are many details need to be adjusted, such as photo selection, layout, size and so on.  But I can not put them rationally arranged together, no matter how I arranged the screen is not good-looking.

Then I searched for some resources online.  And know the importance of using the Gold Ratio in the layout.  UNDERDOGS (2014) suggests that the page dimension is 11 X 17 and inside content area is 10 X 15.  Not only that, I also learned a lot about the importance of layout and composition in design.


Through the course ‘Graphic Design Foundations: Layout and Composition’ by Adams (2013), I know the use of gold ratio with the layout of different hierarchical structure to lead to more compelling works, especially working on proportions: rule of thirds.  Although he speaks of design I feel the same applies to comic production.  Another one, through the course ‘Designing Dynamic Layouts with Text and in Comics’ by Ben Bishop (2016), I learned the details of making comics, including speech balloons, captions, panels, gutters and sound effects.


It was very helpful to me, through which I had been re-arranged, and the work was done with my team members.  Although there are different concepts, such as colour and some layout, through the discussion also reached an agreement.   I think this is a very valuable study.





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