Master of New Media

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Week 7 – Transmedia Storytelling

The era of information technology allows the same product to appear on different platforms in different forms.  Electronic products have come to the fore, they have become an updated platform to carry people's entertainment, beyond the traditional media such as newspapers and Radio.  As a result, the cross-media era was born.  Dowd (2015, p. 3)… Continue reading Week 7 – Transmedia Storytelling


Week 6 – History of Participation

With the development of the Internet, users have shifted from viewing web pages to actively generating web page content. This has added many innovative ways and means to the participation of documentaries. Thanks to the arrival of Web 2.0, 'the users have at their disposal new resources for creation and diffusion' (Vázquez-Herrero, Negreira-Rey & Pereira-Fariña… Continue reading Week 6 – History of Participation


Week 5 – Interactive and Immersive Narratives

In the fourth week, it was our group's turn to present an introduction to “Interactive and Immersive Narratives”. Through repeated reading and group discussions, I learned many examples of how this narrative approach was expressed. The breadth of its use is something we can witness because many industries are now using this approach to show… Continue reading Week 5 – Interactive and Immersive Narratives


Week 4 – Database Narratives

This week's content is about Database Narratives, which is a narrative that I have never learned before. In this week's group presentation, Melissa shown substantial evidence in the storytelling of database narrative and clearly decomposed the characteristics in the theory of Deleuze and Guatarri. By the way, she found an excellent example of Frogs & Friends, which made… Continue reading Week 4 – Database Narratives